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About Tim. 

I've always been fascinated by questions of how we can best be human, together. Lots of people are, but I've been lucky enough to be paid to explore those questions since 1981.  This has included working with Travellers in the UK, coordinating community development approaches in local and State Government (in Western Australia), facilitating collaborative planning in and between communities and organisations and, since 1997, immersing myself in the very particular challenges of enhancing Aboriginal/non-Aboriginal relationships. This has been rich and satisfying work indeed, packed full of challenges and learning. 


I'm now 'stepping back' from the busyness of this work and wanting to move into a more reflective time; to step away from the 'doing' and take time to pass on what I've learned, and explore some of the mysteries of it all with others.  

All of my work has been built around a strong framework of 'developing spirit'. This framework has also been the foundation of two books "Weaving Tapestries – the new handbook for building communities"  and  Finding Heraan, an allegory that explores how we can share our truths courageously without silencing the truths of others.  


While much of my work has been in training (particularly related to person-focused Community Development, Aboriginal/non-Aboriginal relation, and working across difference more generally) I am now focusing my energy on more creative discussions around being human together. These can take the form of

  • mentoring people or groups

  • facilitating clarification sessions with groups or organisations

  • offering talks and presentations

  • engaging in group discussions around some 'big questions'  that you might want to explore

If you're interested in any of these, or just wanting an exploratory chat, please email ( of phone me (0409 880 137).

And here's a more detailed outline of some of the work I've done. (Click the button.) 

Tim Muirhead
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