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About Us

Community. Spirit. Development. 

CSD Network was formed to explore a simple question: "how can we best be human, together?" Over 4 decades, we collaborated with  a wide network people in exploring that question at personal, community, organisational and societal levels.

Three key concepts arise from that question, and have created the foundation of much of our work: 

  • Community: Spirited, supported diverse people in relationship with each other.

  • Spirit: The internal energy of individuals which, when connected, creates collective energy.

  • Development: Unleashing potential within individuals, organisations and communities.


Thus the name 'CSD Network'. 

In the last 25 years  a lot of this collaboration has been focused on Reconciliation; particularly exploring what we non-Aboriginal people can do to improve relationships of trust and even partnership with Aboriginal people, organisations and communities; relationships that have been damaged by historic and contemporary wrong-doing. Obviously enough, this work has always  been done in partnership with Aboriginal colleagues. 

These days, after decades of (enriching) busy-ness as the Director of CSD, I'm trying to step off the treadmill. But I still feel passionate about this rich, mysterious experience of being human together. So if you're interested in collaboration or dialogue around any aspects of that, here I am; let's have a chat. Maybe email me (my preference) at  or just message me on my LinkedIn or facebook pages. 

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