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Weaving Tapestries


The new Weaving Tapestries handbook is aimed at anyone interested in developing community in this strange and ever-changing world we live in. If you want to purchase the e-version, you can do it via Vivid Publishing’s website at . Or click the tab just above to order the paper version. 

Community can exist in many settings: neighbourhoods, faith groups, school, sports clubs, businesses, community organisations, local governments and government departments, workplaces and colleges and online networks.

This book offer simple guiding frameworks to help you navigate through the deliciously confusing and always diverse world of community. These frameworks are like signposts along tangled forest paths. That’s why the book is simple and short. It does not attempt to walk with you every step of the way, but rather point you in the right direction when you fear you may be lost.

If you’re interested in developing or enriching community – as part of your living or part your work – this handbook will be an invaluable guide.
It will help you answer questions like:

  • What is ‘community’, and why does it matter?
  • What can we do to strengthen community in different settings?
  • What is the connection between personal wellbeing and community wellbeing, and how do we maximise both?
  • How do we develop healthier relationships between people?
  • How can our governance (from organisational to national) work in partnership with community?
  • How do we maximise our own capacity to be a leader in community settings?

The previous edition of Weaving Tapestries has been used by a generation of community development students and practitioners. This edition adds more comprehensive guidance in relation to these questions, and ensures that that guidance remains relevant in our changed and changing world.