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"I love to learn. I hate being taught."   Winston Churchill

What We Do

We provide a range of training packages that can be customised to your needs.

Each of the following packages are provided publicly. (Click on your chosen training to see the date of the next training).

You can also arrange any of these packages for your organisation or community at a flat fee – this is likely to be a cheaper option for you if you have 10 or more participants, and can mean that we can tailor the training to your particular needs.

Contact us to explore how we can meet your particular needs.

Training Packages

  • Culturally speaking PDF – a course in Aboriginal/non-Aboriginal relations. (Led by both an Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal trainer) . 2 day, 1 day and 0.5 day versions are available. We can also offer advanced courses for people who are actively involved in ongoing work with Aboriginal colleagues or community members.
  • Developing Community, Capacity and Spirit PDF – a course in community development, with a strong emphasis on working in ways that develop the human spirit. This package consists of two parts, the brochure for part two can be accessed here PDF.
  • Developing Spirit (Extract) PDF – a day of dialogue about how we can, through our chosen field (religion, politics, social work, environmentalism, etc) work in ways that develop Spirit). This is based on the simple but powerful framework that underpins all of our work.
  • Extract of training Manual ‘Facilitating Meetings: from 3 – 300’ PDF
  • Community Involvement and Engagement PDF


We often work in partnership with trusted allies whose skills and experience complement our own. Trainers that we enjoy working with include:

  • Kim Bridge (Aboriginal – Kidja – trainer)
  • Danny Ford (Nyoongar – trainer)
  • Chantal Harris – (Non-Aboriginal Trainer in Aboriginal non-Aboriginal relations)
  • Oral McGuire (Nyoongar – trainer)
  • Maggie Cox and Jen DeVries – Trainers in leadership (esp Women’s Leadership) and management
  • Barry McGuire (Nyoongar – trainer)
  • Koodah Cornwall (Nyoongar trainer – Currently at Fairbridge)
  • Heather Simmons – Person Centred Approaches