I’ve been doing some work, of late, with Dr Jen de Vries who has spent 20 years at the forefront of gender equity. We’ve been exploring ‘the next step’ in this work — a step which involves men, not just as allies, but as partners.

What we’ve been moving towards is the idea that gender equity — in all spheres of life — is best served by creating a culture where all of us, including all genders, can live full, rounded lives. Clearly, removing employment and income barriers for women is a crucial part of that. But perhaps we also need to open the way for men, as well as women, to say ‘no’ to de-humanised workplaces that make it impossible for us — women and men — to have satisfying lives within and beyond work.

Recently, in the middle of one of our presentations, I remembered this old song that I wrote and recorded when my kids were younger. It’s a little bit raw — emotionally and musically — but I think it reflects the experience of many men, and perhaps increasing numbers of women.

Let’s not lower our sights so far that we reduce ‘gender equity’ to mean equal participation in workplaces that shatter the human spirit.