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Professional Supervision

"‘Super’ = above. ‘Vision’ = capacity to see. Supervision is not about me telling you what to do. It is about us, together, looking back at your work from above – enabling you to remove yourself from the trees for a while so you can see the forest. That way, you can map out how to move through it more effectively."   Tim Muirhead

What We Do

Tim Muirhead provides one-on-one mentoring and/or supervision for people who are:

  • working in the human services and community development fields and/or
  • striving to be personally more effective in their workplace or community
  • striving to build a stronger team in the workplace or community

While he draws on his own experience in this supervision, these sessions primarily focus on helping you clarify the picture for yourself. It often helps people build a connection between their work and their own passions and values.

Tim’s entire approach is based on his philosophy of developing Spirit – in this case, yours.

Contact us to enquire about or arrange Professional Supervision for yourself or somebody in your workplace.

Examples of Our Work

Examples of people to whom Tim has provided supervision:

  • Manager of a youth service
  • Snr Lecturer, School of Social Work
  • Community Development Worker, non-govt agency
  • Practice manager, Dept for Child Protection
  • Community Development Worker, (Emergency Services)
  • Project Officer in Child care support agency


  • For more personal work, counselling and psychotherapy can be provided by Anne Pickering

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