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Our People & Partners

The CSD Network works with a number of partners and consultants from a wide range of industries and cultural and professional backgrounds.

Tim Muirhead – Director

Tim Muirhead

Over more than 20 years Tim Muirhead, of the CSD Network has amassed wide experience in all aspects of community development, working with all spheres of government, the non-government sector and community groups.

At all times Tim works to foster collaborative approaches between people with often diverse knowledge, skills and perspectives. He has gained a reputation as a community development practitioner, trainer, facilitator and policy adviser of considerable skill and passion.

He works in a wide range of capacities, from volunteering in local community groups through to advising various government departments.

Tim has worked extensively with Aboriginal communities. In partnership with Kim Bridge, he currently specialises in building trust and collaboration between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people in workplaces and communities.

He is the author of Weaving Tapestries – a handbook for building communities and  Finding Heraan,  and provides extensive training in various aspects of community development, including (in collaboration with Aboriginal trainers) ‘Towards Partnership with Aboriginal communities’. This community development training is founded on a commitment to ‘developing spirit’ – a powerful concept that drives all his work.

Tim is a sought after presenter, and has given dozens of major public addresses and hundreds of small group talks and presentations.

For more information contact Tim or download his online CV.

A Key Allegiance: Danny Ford, of Kambarang Services

Danny Ford and Tim Muirhead have formed a strong partnership – two independent consultancies that have worked passionately and effectively to build greater understanding and connection between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people throughout Western Australia.

Danny Ford is a Nyoongar consultant (with strong and recognised Whadjuk lineage) whose background includes a long career at senior executive officer level in the Western Australian Government.  Danny’s attributes include strong leadership, clear thinking and strategic approach to issues, and the ability to engage in comprehensive stakeholder consultation.  He has a community development approach that seeks partnerships to work towards a common goal that meets stakeholder needs. Danny has a high level of knowledge and experience with social welfare issues impacting on Aboriginal families and communities with networks at all levels within WA and interstate, and is well regarded in the community as a person with a high level of commitment to addressing disadvantage especially from a customer focus perspective. He has strong facilitation, negotiation and engagement abilities and has led major projects that require cooperation and collaboration throughout Western Australia.  Danny has been involved in the development and writing of several RAP’s whilst in government and for various companies in the private sector since being a consultant.

You can email Danny directly on