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Organisational Policy and Practice

(Human services and community development)

"One of our most common experiences of community is our workplace. It is a collection of people, in relationship with each other – a place of ‘me and us’. And so the four tasks of Developing Spirit apply. Pay attention, connect, ‘HOPE’ (seeing the possibilities and help them emerge) and strive for the balance of justice. And all these tasks apply to your self, to other staff, and to those your organisation exists to support."   Tim Muirhead

What We Do

We assist organisations to become clear about their policy and practice. Our key focus is on those organisations involved in human services provision and community development. This can range from one-off clarification workshops, to assistance with ongoing evaluation, to development of comprehensive strategic and/or operational plans.

Contact us to explore how we can meet your particular needs.

Examples of Our Work

  • Metropolitan Migrant Resource Centre – Environmental Scan and Strategic Plan
  • South Perth Learning Centre – Strategic and Business Plan
  • Town of Port Hedland (with the Port Hedland Community) Cultural Development Plan
  • Honouring Indigenous War Graves Inc – Initial Strategic Plan
  • Moorditch Koolark Aboriginal Housing – Strategic and Business Plan
  • City of Armadale – Community Development Plan
  • Anglicare – assistance with Reconciliation Action Plan
  • City of Stirling – assistance with Cultural Development Strategy
  • City of Mandurah – Community Infrastructure Needs Study
  • Wheatbelt (interagency) Domestic Violence Prevention Committee – Development of a Regional Domestic Violence Strategy
  • City of Rockingham – assistance with directions for Community Development


We often work in partnership with trusted allies whose skills and experience complement our own. They include:


"Tim, Just a note to say that the work you did 18 months ago has really seen results. We are so much clearer now about our approach to Community Development. This has helped us to focus our own work, but has also meant that I am able to be very clear with Executive in ‘staking our claim’ for priorities and resources"   Local Government Manager

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