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Meeting Facilitation

"When you’re facilitating groups you have four main responsibilities: Equalising power, drawing out views, maintaining clarity and direction, and ensuring that input is synthesised and recorded."
Tim Muirhead, Training Manual

What We Do

We facilitate meetings in a way that ensures that everyone gets heard, and moves together towards effective outcomes. We quickly establish a culture of collaboration, and deal with any tensions or difficulties respectfully and confidently. Through establishing the right structure and the right interpersonal environment, we draw out the best in people, building energy, trust and clarity.

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Examples of Our Work

  • ‘LeaversWA’ – a two day forum to plan for Leavers week in WA. This brought together government, non-government and voluntary agencies.
  • Supporting Families in a Multi-Cultural region – a full day meeting to explore how agencies in the Mirrabooka region can work together most effectively to support families with refugee experience?. Facilitation and write-up.
  • Faculty Planning Meeting – A full day planning meeting for the senior staff of a University Faculty in WA. Facilitation and write-up.
  • Aboriginal Palliative Care in WA – a series of meetings with Aboriginal regional representatives to determine appropriate systems of Palliative Care for Aboriginal people in WA.


"I wanted to thank you for such a great and productive forum. I’m very happy with all the information we got out of our two days, it’s given us some clear ways forward, and I know many of the stakeholders felt the same. I’ve had some great feedback from our volunteer and support agencies about this year being the best forum we’ve had to date, so thank you. Looking forward to working with you again in the future."   Government Project Coordinator


We often work in partnership with trusted allies whose skills and experience complement our own. Consultants that we have co-facilitated with include:

  • Kim Bridge (Aboriginal – Kidja – consultant)
  • Danny Ford (Aboriginal – Nyoongar – consultant)
  • Rhonda Murphy (Aboriginal – Walmajarri/Gooniyandi – consultant)
  • Anne Goodall

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