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Leadership and Team Development

"What you look for in people, you will find. If you look for the glory and the strength in them, you will find it. If you look for the smallness and the weakness in them, you will find it. Real leaders look for what is glorious and strong – in themselves and others."
Paraphrased from an anonymous Business Leader

What We Do

We can provide extended leadership development courses for your staff, or community members. Typically this will involve 2 – 4 modules (2 days each) interspersed by personal and learning-group activities and projects.

In partnership with Kim Bridge and Associates we specialise in training that is targeted at:

  • Aspiring Aboriginal leaders (including potential managers)
  • Developing partnership between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal leaders and/or managers

Contact us to explore how we can meet your particular needs.

Examples of Our Work

We have been involved in leadership training for:

  • Kimberley Development Commission
  • Disability Services Commission
  • Department of Environment and Conservation
  • Healthway
  • BHP Billiton
  • ‘Allies for Change’ (people affected by mental ill health connecting to bring about change)


We often work in partnership with trusted allies whose skills and experience complement our own. Others that we have worked with in leadership and team development have included: