Splintered, pixelakrified, beaten,

I remembered to walk

on Kaarta Gar-up.

Then, I remembered beauty

and then I remembered love…..

Strangers made this place

for me. I am held.


Amongst the Balga and Biara I invoke the name of Whadjuk;

within the sculpted gardens and carved places of reflection I invoke the name of Wadjella;

feeling the gaze of the rising sun and the Moorda mists I invoke the name of God and Waugal.


I am held;

the love of strangers, who gave me this walk,

floats in the air.

I breathe.


I give thanks.



Words I had to invent:

Pixelakrified: (Pixel-akri-fied): the effect on the brain and soul of being pierced by billions of pixels. A common condition of the early Information Age, caused by careless overuse of screens.


Whadjuk-Nyoongar words

Kaarta Garup: Kings Park. Seemingly from kaarta (hills) gar (spiders – also kar) –up (place of). (Also known as Karra Katta – hill of spiders, or Geenunginy Bo – the place for looking a long way)


Whadjuk: The tribal or clan name of Nyoongar/Bibullmen people who cared for the land and waters around Kaarta Gar-up for millenia.


Wadjella: We who came from other lands, and (without permission) made the country of the Whadjuk people our home.


Balga: Grass Tree
Biara: Banksia
Moorda: Darling escarpment
Waugal: The rainbow serpent – creation spirit and giver of life.


Tim Muirhead
June 15, 2014