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Developing Spirit

What is this thing called “Spirit”? It meant, originally “the breath of life”. Imagine life without it. It would be like a person drowning. A person drowning thinks only of the next moment – just trying to stay alive rather than focusing on the wider picture. A person drowning lashes out – even at people who are trying to help them. A person drowning grabs at anything to try to get that breath back into their lungs. And a person drowning, finally, ceases to care, gives in.

A person who can’t “breathe” their spirit can be much the same…

How can we help develop – (literally ‘unwrap’ – this Spirit; help it breathe for our self or for others? The simple answer is – pay attention. Pay attention to the fullness of the person within. Pay attention to the fullness of the person in front of you.

What We Do

‘Spirit’ is the ‘S’ in CSD. It is perhaps the single most important driving force in all of our work. Our training and practice in all aspects of leadership, community development and organisational development is founded in the idea that, in everything we do, we can and should develop the Spirit of our fellow human beings.

Developing Spirit is a particular approach to all inter-personal work founded on 4 task:

  • Attention (or paying attention) – the work of genuine empowerment
  • Connection – the essential work of relationship building
  • Hope – the work of ‘Helping Other Possibilities Emerge’ – inspiring vision that draws us to action, and
  • Balance – the work of justice, in which we strive towards equilibrium between the diverse needs and aspirations of all.

Beyond a tool of practice, though, Tim’s philosophy of ‘Developing Spirit’ is a guiding philosophical position that strives to bring voice to the deepest experience of being human in the universe. Through this philosophy and this language, Tim quietly, shyly calls to the soul that rests between the often shallow language of human wellbeing.

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Examples of Our Work

The practice and philosophy of Developing Spirit under-pins Tim’s work in:


Others who actively work to bring the depth of ‘spirit’ (using their own languagage) to their work include:

  • Koodah Cornwall
  • Oral McGuire
  • Barrie McGuire
  • Noel Nannup

Non-Aboriginal practitioners

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Developing Spirit

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