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About CSD Network

‘CSD’ stands for ‘Community – Spirit – Development’.

We bring together a skilled network of people interested in exploring:

  • Community: Spirited, supported people in relationship with each other.
  • Spirit: The internal energy of individuals which, when connected, creates collective energy.
  • Development: Unleashing potential within individuals, organisations and communities.

What We Do

20 years working in personal, community and organisational development have convinced us that these three principles are the foundation stones of effectiveness and ‘productivity’ in its broadest sense.

By applying these principles, the high levels of distress, apathy, ‘burn-out’ and alienation can be directly addressed.

  • We want to unleash the potential of people, rather than merely finding ways to manage them.
  • We want to grow the self, rather than merely teaching people ‘tricks and techniques’ for managing their lives, or others around them.
  • We want to give voice to people’s spirit – their essence – rather than teaching them how to mimic the techniques of others.
  • We want to build relationships of trust and resilience between people, so that their differing perspectives can become points of dialogue, rather than points of division.

This approach achieves real outcomes in personal effectiveness, leadership, capacity building, team building, positive community relations (including working effectively with Aboriginal communities), and other key aspects of organisational or community development.

Contact us to explore how we can meet your particular needs.

What We Offer

For Communities

  • Comprehensive services in community development, planning and collaboration
  • Facilitate effective community involvement in decision making
  • Training in community development and self reliance
  • ‘Living with spirit’ workshops, that build more effective community leadership

For Organisations

  • Organisational and management advice
  • Training workshops (staff, management or community) in all aspects of community development
  • Facilitation of change and visioning processes, including planning workshops

For Individual Staff or Community Members

  • Personal clarification and ‘coaching’ work
  • Training and advice in personal effectiveness