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Aboriginal / Non-Aboriginal Relations

"Reconciliation is, at its essence, a process of building trust after wrong-doing. The process is pretty simple. First, you talk and listen. Then, you come to understand what has happened, and sincerely acknowledge the wrongs that have occurred. Finally you work together to repair the damage caused by those wrongs."   Tim Muirhead. (The West Australian, 2000)

What We Do

This work is about developing trust, understanding and partnership between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians. It is always led by both an Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal facilitator. We work with organisations, teams or communities where Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people live or work together. We open up opportunities for what we consider 4 key steps of Reconciliation:

  • Communication
  • Awareness
  • Acknowledgement
  • Repair (including healing spirit, healing relationships, and securing justice and opportunity)

We also offer consultancy advice (always based on stakeholder consultation) for services seeking to support Aboriginal people, families and communities.

Contact us to explore how we can meet your particular needs.

Examples of Our Work

  • ‘Kimberley Making Connections’ (Tim Muirhead and Kim Bridge) read more
    Aspiring leaders – half of them Aboriginal* and half non-Aboriginal – are taken through a 4 day (2 module) leadership program that builds their connection and commitment to each other, and develops their passion for, and skills in, genuine leadership.
  • Working together in Kalgoorlie-Boulder (Tim Muirhead and Kim Bridge) read more
    This project aimed to improve communication and relations between Aboriginal* and non-Aboriginal agencies and individuals in the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder. It involved careful facilitation, beginning with individual dialogue with around 35 key leaders, followed by separate Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal leader meetings, on to combined meetings of all leaders and culminating in agreed, written protocols between them.
  • South Metro Health Dept (Tim Muirhead and Kim Bridge) read more
    A two day workshop combining cross-cultural awareness and team building exercises that engaged 45 staff (20% Aboriginal) in building their awareness, understanding, trust and partnership.
  • Parent Support Program – how can we more effectively engage and support Aboriginal parents. (Tim Muirhead and Rhonda Murphy)


We often work in partnership with trusted allies whose skills and experience complement our own. Some of the Aboriginal consultants we work with include:

  • Kim Bridge (Aboriginal – Kidja – consultant)
  • Rhonda Murphy (Aboriginal – Walmajarri/Gooniyandi – consultant)
  • Danny Ford (Nyoongar – consultant)
  • Oral McGuire (Aboriginal – Nyoongar – consultant)
  • Barry McGuire (Aboriginal – Nyoongar – consultant)
  • Koodah Cornwall (Nyoongar man – Manager within DEC)
  • Tracey Latu Kuli Kefu (Aboriginal – Martu – community development worker)

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