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Useful Links

WA Local Government Community Services Association

A network of Local Government officers and elected members interested in community services and community development. Publishers of 'Weaving Tapestries - a handbook for building community'

Community Tool Box

Comprehensive (American) guide to many of the technicalities of community work. Search for "Community Tool Box" or go to:

Community Builders (NSW)

A site for everyone involved in community level social, economic and environmental renewal including community leaders, community and government workers, volunteers, program managers, academics, policy makers, youth and seniors.

Conflict Resolution

Useful guidance for conflict resolution, including mediation and negotiation.

We had a useful link on Conflict Resolution passed on to us by Kenya from Chicago. It opens up a whole array of other sources in relation to conflict resolution.

Project SafeCom

A site that promotes social and environmental justice.

Reconciliation Australia

The national body that seeks to foster Reconciliation around the nation.